How To Change Boot Animation In Android (2017)


Hello guys, Today i am going to share an article which is very interesting topic. Today i will let you know, How to change boot animation in android. Because android is very popular operating system. And we all have at least one android mobile device in our home. We also want to know about boot animation. Because before start the main part of this trick, we have some knowledge about boot animation. Now i am going to describe it in below section. If you already know about it! Then leave below given paragraph

What is Boot Animation?

Guys you know about what is boot? if no then firstly you have to understand the meaning of Boot. When we switch on our phone, that is Boot. In that time any of brand logo or animation came in our android mobile screen. That is Boot Animation. Some of brands add their logos (simple images). But some of brands add animated videos. I hope you understand. Now let’s move on the next section of this post. In below section i will share some of reasons to change boot animation in android. I know you already have a reason for change it. But if you also want some more ideas for this thing. Then read that section. I know it will very helpful for you guys.

Why We Need To Change Boot Animation In Android?

In above section we understand the meaning of boot animation. Now we have many reasons to change it. We love our android phone. But some of users feeling bored when they see their default starting animation all time. But they don’t know how to change it. So they accept this truth. But now you have a method to change boot animation in android. If you love your God then you can add your God picture as your boot animation. If you have any crush like Sunny Leone, Then you can add their image or animated GIF as your starting theme.

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We have a bonus trick for you in this post. I will also share a method to change shut animation in android. Shut means shut down. So i hope you can understand, what i mean. Or you can also change your phone boot or shut down sounds. Or default ringtones too. How cool is that  . But all good things comes with their advantages and disadvantages also. That’s why here are also some benefits and loses.

Main Advantage and Disadvantage of Change Boot Animation in Android

Advantage: The main advantage is that you are able to edit your android phone’s theme. Means 99.9% of users unable to do it. But you can do it. So it is very interesting thing, at least for me. You can show of in your friends circle. Nowadays everyone showing off. If any one buy a new phone, Then He/She click pic of that phone

and share it on social media sites. Means peoples doing many things for showing off on social media or their friend circle.
90% of peoples showing off on social media sites. So you can change your boot animation in android. Then you can also share it on facebook or whatsapp. After that i definitely sure that your friends will be shocked. There are too many advantages in it. But i don’t think so that all are useful for you or not!.. So now i am going to share some of disadvantages.

Disadvantage: After describe advantages of changing boot animation in android device. Now we are going to share some of disadvantages of this thing. The main disadvantage is that you need to root your device first. Because you unable to do it without root access. If you don’t know what is root and how it works? Then i will describe it in short.

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What is Root? :- You can do many of things in your phone after rooting. But it comes with so many disadvantages. But i will share 1 or 2 main disadvantages of root. The first disadvantage is that root void your phone’s warranty. Or you will not get updates from your mobile company. There are too many loses of root.

So guys after describing the benefits and loses of change boot in android. Now time to share the main part of this tutorial

Requirements to Change Boot Animation in Android:

1. Rooted Android Phone :- First of all you have to root your phone. Because without root access you unable to edit advance level editing in your device. So read above given article link about root and root your device.

2. Backup Old Boot Animation :- When you try first method from below given methods. Then you can backup from app. Or if you are using second method then copy that zip file and paste it another place (where you want to backup)

How to Change Boot Animation in Android

Now we are going to share step by step guide. And i also want to let you know that i have 2 methods to change boot animation in android. The first method is easy and simple. And the second one is advance level method, in second method you can also change the boot sound and your default ringtones etc. So guys read carefully both methods and change boot animation in android. You have to Root your android mobile before doing these steps.

1st Method :

Step 1: Download Boot animations app by just click here.

Step 2: Now you have to find your device resolution. (just search in google and also )

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Step 3: After that you have to find your device’s resolution boot animation in the app.

Step 4: when you found, then simply install it.

Step 5: If it ask for root access then tap on allow/grant.

It was the first method which is very simple and very easy.

2nd Method :

This is advance method, you have to follow it carefully. Otherwise your device will be bricked.
Step 1: First of all Download ES File Explorer.

Step 2: Then you have to open it and open side menu. Now enable Root Explorer in it. Also enable show hidden Files option .

Step 3: It will ask for Root Permission Then click on Allow/Grant .

Step 4: After that you have to find and download boot animation according to your device. (or you can download from XDA Website’s Thread )

Step 5: In Es file explorer, open Device/ System/Media. Now you can see bootanimation zip file in that folder.

Step 6: After That, backup this file first (copy paste).

Step 7: Then copy your downloaded zip file. And paste in System/Media . Then rename your default file like After that change your downloaded boot animation zip file name to .

Step 8: Now click hold on new zip file. And open options, then click on properties and then Change permission as shown in below screenshot.

Step 9: That’s it, Your phone’s boot animation will successfully changed.

This was the full tutorial about How to change Boot Animation in Android. I hope you like that article. If you like it, Then don’t forgot to share it with your friends or family. Also share this post in your social media site’s profile. If you unable to change it, Then ask your problem’s solution in comment section. And i will see you, in the next one.


  1. Thanks bro 🙂 i can able to change by boot animation by 1st method it really works now it looks great my phone is having a new own personality thanks for the post and before this i dont even know that we can change boot animation also this really helped me alot 🙂


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